Leonard Cohen World Tour Release Challenge

Here are the rules:

1. Books can be released in the wild or can be sent on a bookring, bookray, or bookbox, as long as they are sent away on the place and date of one of Leonard Cohen's World Tour concerts.
2. You can do it yourself or you can send your book to another bookcrosser in that location who will release the book for you.
3. All books released should have this words written somewhere: “This book has been released on the occasion of Leonard Cohen's World Tour, on the date and place of one of his concerts.” And the date and place should be written there as well.
4. No restriction in theme, although it would be nice if you explained in the JE of the book why you feel it should be released on that particular occasion.

List of dates and places where books can be released (will be updated as soon as more concert dates are available):

27-Jul-08 Lucca, Italy
28-Jul-08 Rome, Italy
30-Jul-08 Athens, Greece
03-Aug-08 Ledbury, UK
21-Sept-08 Bucharest, Rumania
24-Sept-08 Vienna, Austria
4-Oct-08 Berlin, Germany
7-Oct-08 Munich, Germany
17-Oct-08 Copenhagen, Denmark
19, 20-Oct-08 Brussels, Belgium
29-Oct-08 Frankfurt, Germany
31-Oct-08 Hamburg, Germany
2-Nov-08 Oberhausen, Germany
5, 6-Nov-08 Glasgow, UK
8-Nov-08 Cardiff, UK
11-Nov-08 Bournemouth, UK
13-Nov-08 London, UK
22-Nov-08 Birmingham, UK
24, 25, 26-Nov-08 Paris, France
28-Nov-08 Brighton, UK

Please post your releases in this thread.

Small labels for books that already have a BCID label:

PDF file with 21 labels in:
English Italian Spanish Portuguese French Greek Dutch German Romanian

And big bookplate for books that haven't been labelled yet:

PDF file with 4 bookplates in:
English Italian Spanish Portuguese French Greek Dutch German Romanian

I don't have the Danish translation yet. I'll be grateful if someone can help with that one. :)